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ARGENTINA is the second-largest country in South America and the largest Spanish speaking country in the continent with a population of over 41 million inhabitants.
ARGENTINA offers the visitors an astonishing variety of styles, landscapes and climates: endless pampas, home of the legendary Gaucho; the crystal clear blue waters in the southern lakes with Bariloche, center of Argentina Lake
District and a base for walking, climbing, skiing, and fishing; the breathtaking beauty of Iguazu Falls; the unique sight of the glaciers in Patagonia; the southernmost area of Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire); the neverending sand beaches along the coastline and the protected areas for wild animals as Peninsula Valdes and Punta Tombo.

ARGENTINA enjoys all climates and therefore her flora and fauna are rich and varied: jungles and forests in the north, generous agricultural and farming areas in the central zone, vineyards close to the Andes, endless deserts in Patagonia.

The city of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, is the main entrance to the country and one of the 10 most populated urban centers in the world. It is a singular, open and integrating destination that allows the visitor not only to view the city but also to enjoy an exceptional adventure.

And, above all these, the warm hospitality of her inhabitants and the charm of her cities make ARGENTINA an irresistible destination.


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